Kitty Mortland

Actor / Musician

More Shakespeare

For those of you who don't know, if I could point my career trajectory in a specific direction, I would either want to point myself toward becoming the Doctor, or I would want to try to position myself as a Shakespearean expert. I love the Bard. I love his language, I love his stories, and I particularly love bridging the gap between what he said back then and what it means to us now. I love bringing his plays to life and making them accessible to audiences everywhere. I love talking about them, too, so if you ever have questions about what's going on in a certain play, let me know. Figuring that stuff out and chatting about it is what I do. I'm not exactly sure how to position myself as an "expert," though, but I figure studying all of the plays and performing as many of them as I can is probably a good start.

To that end, I am thrilled to announce that I will be playing the role of Mariana in Measure for Measure with Hudson Warehouse. We had our first read-through yesterday and I can already feel myself falling in love with this cast and this production. There was so much great energy in the room. A serious group of dedicated artists who want to work together and have fun putting up this "problem play." What could be lovelier than that?

We open on March 5 at the Bernie Wohl Center on the Upper West Side. Tickets will be $15, or if you ask really nicely, I can give you a code to to get them for $10. The run is Thursday through Sunday for three weekends, closing on March 22. I think this is going to be a good one, guys, and I'd love to see you all in the audience.

Huzzah for more Shakespeare!